mohamed ibrahim elmasry
Location: Cairo/Egypt

Design, Drawing, Film, Installation, Mixed Media, Other, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Sound, Video, Residencies, Exhibitions, Online Exhibitions, Competitions, Biennials/Festivals, Art Fairs, Publications, Others


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I am Mohamed EL Masry visual artist and photographer work and live in Cairo, Egypt, My works were adopted for a while at the cultural reality on the local community, And in the last period and through a number of posts in different areas of the world work on the search for areas of similarity between people in the world, And I am a believer that man is the same everywhere and the differences is just a different technique of expression due to a number of factors, but in the end the man is the same every where.
Now I am looking to identify the different cultures and trying to experience cultural exchange and social life, including me and I feel for the culture of the Middle East and the Mediterranean, I think that working for a time in different cultural and community through joint action with the community and artists from diverse cultural backgrounds is important for everyone to share knowledge, cultural and technical
Unfortunately, I think that piece of basic experience to me is dealing with the average person and to know the local culture and discover new cultural spaces through joint action.
I am interested in and through my work in the initiative aimed to record the distinctive shape of the community and the second production of art project through interaction with local culture and community.


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