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Location: Messejana/Portugal

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Buinho aims to be an inspiring place which fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation.
 In 2015 we created one of the very first rural FabLabs in Portugal, and are now able to offer our residents fast internet connection, fablab access, private accommodation, library, workshops, and unique working environments.

Buinho offers a unique working experience in the historic town of Messejana, Southern Portugal. Messejana is a place of delightful contrasts, between the past aristocratic houses with its hidden, patios, the small rural dwellings, and baroque white churches. All surrounded by endless plains and old cork trees that characterize the Alentejo region.

Buinho is located in the sunniest region of Europe, providing more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year, also famous for its gastronomy, and just 1 hour and a half from Lisbon and other major cities. It is an opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary creative residency program for a period that can go from two weeks to three months.

The creative residency program of Buinho provides private accommodation and shared work-spaces in two different locations:

a) Morgadinho house, a remodeled manor from the 17th century, suggests a romantic mood for individualist workers and writers. Old style artistically decorated house with frescos covering its walls and detailed wood engraving ceilings may inspire writers and painters;
b) The second space, Buinho main studio, and fablab is also a traditional house, but that was entirely renovated to provide a modern studio style residence. It is divided into three spaces – so that you can generate here ideas, share them in a social area and the most important, create a real product in the fablab. Here technologies give you a hand to experiment, learn and make. Our fablab is equipped with all the necessary tools and machines (workstations, 3D printers, laser cutter, CNC’s, vinyl cutters. Etc.) to enhance the possibilities of experimentation of our residents.
Each house is fully-equipped and can accommodate up to three residents in individual rooms. Any residents, living in either of the houses, are free to use any of the spaces for their job purposes. We also provide some technical courses related to 3D Printing or laser cutting to the residents that may desire.

Buinho is a nonprofit organization with the aim of stimulating intercultural dialogue and co-creation with the local community of Messejana. Besides offering open studios, we challenge creatives for special projects in the town’s museum and public spaces, which engage with the locals. We also often support production and communication expenses of such projects. Be inspired by the daily life and environment of Messejana and stimulated by the endless possibilities and different combinations that our project has to offer.

If you wish to know more about our creative residency program, please contact us by email to info@buinho.pt
More information also available on www.buinho.pt


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Summer AIR 2019 - Buinho Fablab (Portugal)

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