POPAR- an international artist residency program to enhance artistic production through cultural exchange.

POPAR- an international artist residency program to enhance artistic production through cultural exchange.

Open Call

Jul. 06, 2017
Korinos, Pierias/Greece
Deadline Aug. 14, 2017
Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Digital, Drawing, Film,...
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POPAR- an international artist residency program to enhance artistic production through cultural exchange.

POP launches an international artist residency program to enhance artistic production through cultural exchange.

Residency Dates: 22 October - 30 November 2017 (2 - 4 Weeks)

PROPOSAL DEADLINE: 12am GMT 14 August 2017.



Project Outline

We are particularly interested in proposals that connect to contemporary art practices which engage with rural narratives.


The Residency

The residency is situated in the village of Korinos, east of central Macedonia, Greece, 7km

from the city of Katerini and 40 minutes from Thessaloniki. Korinos has a distinctive mix of

population. During the ottoman occupation the village was a small insignificant area where all

the inhabitants worked in the Turkish manor which occupied almost the entire settlement.

After the Asia Minor ‘Catastrophe’, in 1920 displaced Greeks from Kumbağ of Thrace - a

fishing village near the Marmara Sea of Rumeli coast (Turkey), named Kumbos or

Chrisampelos (Χρυσάμπελος) prior to Balkan Wars - were resettled there as refugees. They

were followed later by Greeks from Trabzon (Black Sea), Bulgaria and the USSR who were

also resettled in the town over the course of time.

As a result today three cultural associations operate in Korinos. The Pontian Cultural Association

"Black Sea", the Greek Kumbağ association and the association of eastern Rumelia.

Every year they organise a programme of events to remember their traditions and culture and

to celebrate and continue their heritage. One such celebration is the feast of ‘Tsipouro’.

‘Tsipouro’ is a clear strong alcoholic drink and very popular and respected in Greece. It’s history

dates back to Ancient Greece and the Hellenistic period. It is referred to as the ‘frit’ (or

detritus) which is prepared by boiling (distilling) grape husks. Later and during the Byzantine

period the distillation process grew in the monasteries of Mount Anthos and over the course

of time it became part of people’s everyday life particularly in rural areas. It became a symbol

of Greek hospitality and is used as a social welcoming around the table with meze and music.

It accompanies small and large joys and sorrows and is characteristic in Greek culture as a

ritual of expression and healing.

There are many celebrations dedicated to Tsipouro and in the village of Korinos there is an

annual feast in October celebrating ‘Tsipouro’ where they offer the spirit to people for free to

mark the long traditional season of ‘Kazania’ (Cauldrons). They are three places in Korinos

where the distillation happens as an ongoing process that runs up until the end of November.

They are based next to people’s houses who heritage the facilities and the tradition from their

grandparents. During this time where cold winter days start to replace the warmer weather

these places offer a setting of social gatherings for the community with food, drinks, music

and discussions while they keep the wood fire going continuously during the ‘Tsipouro’ distillation

process period.

POP (Present Occupant Project) is looking to place a residency programme in the area at the

period of ‘Kazania’ and will work closely with artists and locals with the aim to become gradually

the platform for progressive and reciprocal art exchange in the region of Pieria. Equally

through art, the residency seeks to maintain traditional and collective values of the area, and

pursue people to see other possibilities and encourage a dynamic situation, for a vibrant cultural

and social development.



The residency is medium/practice nonspecific and it invites artists/creative thinkers to develop

work in response to the tradition of ‘Tsipouro’ and to the rural traditions and social cultural

values of the area.

The selected applicants will be based in Korinos for a period of two to four weeks between 22

October - 30 November 2017, for the development of new work which can lead to an exhibition/

creative output.

We encourage artists to give a talk or a workshop whilst there, focused around their individual

practice. These talks/workshops aim to bring a diverse range of people together and encourage

a free flow of ideas.



POP - Present Occupant Project - is an artist led project with references to popular

culture aiming to bring together ideas that explore spaces within public terrain encountered

in the everyday. It represents an ever changing programme of collective events and

activities pri-marily focused on an open-minded approach to contemporary art practices and


POPAR - Present Occupant Project Artist Residency - strategies is to bring and work together

with artists, schools and local, national and international organisations. In this instance is

intending to promote awareness about contemporary art to Korinos and its surrounds and

encourage a reciprocal international exchange and collaboration between its people and

contemporary art practices.

We are delighted to encourage artists from all over the world to come and work in Pieria,

Greece. The residency project offers the opportunity for artists to encounter this ancient and

inspiring environment, to witness the essence of the area and through their engagement help

represent the cultural richness of its evolving legacy.


More Details

Language: English

Paid by host: Accommodation, local space (Studio) and transfer from/to the airport (Thessaloniki).

Paid by artist: Travel expenses, as well as food and materials.

Application guidelines

Applications are made online only. For details and further information please contact via

email: poproart@gmail.com (cc: info@georgiaboukla.com)

- A recent CV

- Artist statement (max. 250 words)

- Project proposal (max. 500 words)

- Visual documentation of recent work (5 jpg images) or link to webpage / blog, total email size not to exceed 5MB.



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