EYELEVEL GALLERY Call for submissions | 
Appel de dossiers 2017

EYELEVEL GALLERY Call for submissions | 
Appel de dossiers 2017

Open Call

Dec. 09, 2016
Deadline Jan. 15, 2017
Residency, Exhibition, Curatorial Proposal
Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Curating, Design, Digita...
Open for applications

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EYELEVEL GALLERY Call for submissions | 
Appel de dossiers 2017


Eyelevel invites local, national, and international artists to submit their projects for review for the 2017 season. Eyelevel programs in an itinerant model—we do not maintain a gallery. We are looking for projects that are outside the scope of the traditional gallery space—proposals that are off-site, site-less, and site-specific in nature are preferred.

Eyelevel is testing a seasonal programming model, in which projects will take place from June to November annually. We are accepting submissions on a rolling deadline, to be reviewed throughout the year. Those who wish to be considered for the 2017 season must submit by 15 January 2017.

Committing to our history as an alternative centre, we support subversive, critical, playful, and disruptive projects that question accepted modes of presentation. We invite you to re-imagine your role as an artist within a specific community and context. Eyelevel prioritizes the development of artistic practice, as well as its presentation, therefore our selections process will give equal weight to proposals that lean on the integrity of the work, research, and process, as to those that propose exhibition of finished work. We welcome proposals for diverse artistic/curatorial project, exhibitions, interventions, research-based practices, residencies, lectures, performances, publications, and workshops.

Eyelevel Gallery is committed to paying CARFAC fees for artists. As a small artist-run centre with limited resources, we also aim to support the artist in execution of their project through material, travel and accommodation, childcare, shipping, and technical support, wherever possible. When needed, Eyelevel Gallery will work with selected artists to find appropriate spaces for their projects. Due to the nature of our programming model, proposals that are clear about their needs and flexible with their physical requirements are best suited.


- A Letter of Intent which describes:
The physical, aesthetic, and conceptual scope of your project
How your project is compatible with Eyelevel's current programming approach
Your capacity to fulfill such a project, and any specific needs from Eyelevel in its execution, including physical or technical requirements.
Please be sure to address how, where, who, and why (see prompts below)
- Artist's Statement
- Curriculum Vitae and short bio
- 10 - 15 samples of recent work
Images – JPEG file only, 72dpi, 1024 x 768 px
For video and audio files, please submit a URL to an online link – 5 minutes maximum
- Detailed image list for support material

Submission must be sent as one zipped folder, by email, with subject line: CORE PROGRAM to director@eyelevelgallery.ca



- Une lettre d'intention qui décrit:
La portée physique, esthétique et conceptuelle de votre projet
Comment votre projet est-il compatible avec l'approche de programmation actuelle d'Eyelevel?
Votre capacité à réaliser un tel projet, ainsi que les besoins spécifiques d'Eyelevel dans son exécution, y compris les exigences physiques ou techniques
Assurez-vous d'indiquer comment, où, qui, et pourquoi
- Déclaration de l'artiste
- Curriculum Vitae et courte biographie
- 10 - 15 échantillons de travaux récents
Images - Fichier JPEG seulement, 72 dpi, 1024 x 768 px
Pour les fichiers vidéo et audio, veuillez soumettre une URL à un lien en ligne - 5 minutes maximum
- Liste détaillée d'images pour le matériel de support.

Tous les matériaux doivent arriver dans un dossier zippé, par courriel à director@eyelevelgallery.ca. SVP identifiez votre soumission avec la ligne d'objet: CORE PROGRAM


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