EEII'12 invitation

EEII'12 invitation

Open Call

Jun. 02, 2012
Deadline Apr. 03, 2012
Biennial/Festival, Other
Activism, Architecture, Design, Installation, Mixed Media, O...
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EEII'12 invitation

EEII ’12

Experimental Electronics Interventions



30.05.2012. srijeda / Wedensday – 03.06.2012. nedjelja / Sunday



Technology Innovation Centre Međimurje, Čakovec, Croatia.




EEII’12 festival follows the practice of DIWO events, creating space for enthusiasts, DIY and DIWO craftsman, creative people who love to think with their head and work with their hands, recycle, seek innovative solutions, sophistically think of simple things and vice versa. EEII’12 offers frame for this years event: Do it Yourself / Do it With Others in the context of Mobile Art Lab that will consist only of basic metal pole frame construction. Mobile Art Lab is conceived as multi purpose mobile unit, a tool, mobile lab, a container, that can host artist residencies, art labs and workshops, video projections and exhibitions, meetings between artists, scientists and technologists for research projects.


If you recognize yourself as:


DIY person:
- person orientated to ‘sustainable’ and ‘coexistence of technology and nature’;
- person that likes to research new organizational concepts (teem work, working environment, crowd-sourcing, …)
- person that likes innovative solutions
- skilful person
- person that likes to work on something that will be useful for community, person that likes to share knowledge and skills.

Or you consider yourself:


- as DIY craftsman;
- ecologist;
- mechanic;
- engineer;
- enthusiast;
- creative;
- innovative;

than you are more than welcome to apply to EEII’12 festival where one can make friends with like-minded people. Please take a look at MAL WIKI where you can learn more on the idea of Mobile Art Lab and where your ideas can start developing. Apply at the bottom of the page with a link to your project and we can develop ideas further trough e-mail. For EEII’12 MAL will be just a basic constructions and our task is to apply many small constructions on it, for example: sliding doors and windows, movable tables, LCD screen holders, speaker holders, WIFI, electrical, solar energy power, sliding doors, modular cupboards, LED light, mechanical and digital assemblies and circuits…



EEII’12 ensures


- incentive working environment;
- opportunity to embed your idea/creativity/solutions in Mobile Art Lab;
- environment where one can learn from others;
- space for new models of sustainable, multifunctional working environments;
- accomodation and three meals during participants stay;
- traveling cost,
- needed materials;
- volonteers to help your project;
- lots of fun in small rural environment where good working people love to share ideas, warm eather and beautifull untouched nature on the banks of Drava river.


Kruno Jošt
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