Hierros en Para(de)mirar


By:oscar santis
Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Sculpture, painting, drawing
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Hierros en Para(de)mirar

Colective Exhibition of Jorge Young, Manuel Sanfuentes and ÓscarSantis. Curated by José de Nordenflycht. These images are Oscar Santis' work. Sala Puntángeles, Valparaíso, Chile. For (stop to) look The art appears wherever there is a relationship. Stopping it is the call to stoplooking. To look-then-we must stop it from the anesthetic complacency with which wehave used the "art system" that which implies the institutionalization of the gaze,where it builds a sense from the diachronic discourse of an infinite chain of pre-existing. Today, not even art historians, except the most orthodox or uninformed, wouldsubscribe to such an idea. Let alone at a time when we go to the fragment forthe Atlas, which is not longer the appointment to the title of a work of Duchamp(A Regarder). Of course this also we must install the necessary distance from the "anythinggoes", where creation is the fruition of the artist useless. That is why theparaphrase of the “good Marcel”, save us for explanations from the title to down. A below which the project seeks curatorial placed elsewhere, then when theintervals that create a space between painting, sculpture and writing relatedactivities for anyone willing to stop and look. In short a formal didactic and gesture, to the extent that a statement alwaysproposes a way in unison for their content. Where the only thing in common isthat they convened works try to give a free time from their circumstances, givingjust a time to look. A works that their instability only assure us that art is always elsewhere. Butbeware that not only converts media, as its authenticity is symmetric internal toexternal integrity. So we must stop looking ... just to look, the rest is homework,always. José de Nordenflycht Rome, 11 March 2011


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