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Activism, Conceptual, Design, Digital, Drawing, Film, Intervention, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sound
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Activism in Action .. film@traceeandcompany MODERN MARRIAGE EXHIBITION EXCERPT l PHOTOGRAPH ONE                                                                                        Below is the Written Form of Narration for the Short Film-                                                                                       MODERN MARRIAGE EXHIBITION l PHOTOGRAHP ONE ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The photograph that you see before you, is essentially a self portrait that I took while working on an Exhibition of film / photography / and painting for the summer of 2011. This is one photograph of nearly 2000 photographs… During the second week of February 2010, on the day of the shoot, the snow was hitting the sidewalks in the city of Chicago as a blizzard shut down the airports in the mid-west and pretty much the entire northeastern United States. I was also in Chicago to attend an arts conference that was going on later that week… Tripod ready / automatic timer on / and dressed in a billowing white gown and transparent white veil crowned with pearls / Wandering Michigan Avenue shooting my own portrait while the other cold friendly faces on the side walk lit at the sight of a bride all dressed in white in the snow. Some people were so enthralled they grabbed their cell phones cameras to snap a photograph of the bride to keep for their selves. I walked by the Louis Vuitton window earlier that morning before the shoot on my way to breakfast,…   I kept thinking about that display,… and then I decided that I just had to have the photograph, with the purses inside of bird cages that Louis Vuitton‘s window dresser brilliantly displayed on Michigan Avenue. When I schooled in Chicago, it was there, in the city, that always gave me the feeling that everyone was someone,…    and that this city, was the place that dreams were made as Chicago has a place for all walks of life to reside side by side now…       the bird caged purses with light bulbs on inside on Prominent North Michigan Avenue‘s Louis Vuitton Shop, said to me that all people here had an awareness of the hardships that the individual could incur in the world. And I think, that is where equality is begins…. I looked again at the window and I thought---   The Victorian Style Brass Bird Cages---  a wedding gown and pearl veiled crown, hum,…    It wasn’t long ago that women could not even cast a ballet in an election in the United States of America… and well, those women who had enough money, weren’t allowed to dream in full… transitory thoughts came to mind----   our young women of today---  women that fought for the rights of all yesterday…    women who worked many hours to put there children in good schools…   women who couldn’t afford to have good schools for their children or themselves…   women who had to marry because society said unwed mothers were not acceptable…   women who dreamed of seeing more / and achieving more… In a recent lecture that I was invited to at Yale’s school of environmental architecture, the key note speaker: Professor Loic Wacquant, a graduate from the University of Paris International / who attained his masters degree in the area of social sciences at the University of Chicago, who now teaches at the University of Berkeley California, spoke… he spoke about inequalities in the best cities of the world today… he talked about the feminine voice, who throughout history, perpetuated humanities through a more gentle voice or a more gentle way… and in more recent history: our feminine voices have been somewhat realized. Many young women in the United States today, hardly have time to think,… let alone, have time to dive into their intellectual selves… a few years back, 2006, I think, I was working with a doctor of education, who was also a woman, and she said to me:” don’t you think that it will bother him (referring a man in my life) that you’re smart… That statement was made in the 21st century …   Young women of today, grow in all sorts of ways, yet when they really grow up- they have potential to be- Many are married before you know it, and then, if the light bulb inside of all of our communities, were all working, with purses attached -what would most women choose to be? If you look closely at the photograph, the bride is saying something--- she is saying--   look at the world .. where are we .. where are the grown ups .. have we gone backward / or have we gone forward…                   as the magnificently crafted purses made by magnificently talented teams of people, all go on display within brass bird cages- So did I that day…. Tiny Birds Fluttering Around- it gets one thinking,...    will the purse make me fly- and when I do fly- do I become an endangered species? Must I, then, too, have a cage to protect me, in the world, from the world itself? With our top brass lighting our way to freedom- instead of our freedom: choosing intellect, and then using intellect, to plan our communities, once we’ve gained control of all of our focused knowledge! In the 21st Century / Who are we? Transitory thought came to mind again when I looked at the Louis Vuitton window….      I saw all of those purses in a bird cages with the light bulbs on inside…   meaning literally, the lights are on inside the places that that we don’t hide and then perhaps then, we may fly, hum… written, directed, and photographed by artist TRACEE PICKETT Special Thank You to the Team for Technical and Moral Support  / "Thank You wooloo! Team!"  


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