christophe katrib
Location: Baltimore/United States

Activism, Conceptual, Installation, Mixed Media, Performance, Photography, Sculpture, Sound, Video


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Christophe Katrib (Clamart, France 1976) is a multi-media artist living and working in Lebanon. He graduated in filmmaking in 2000 from IESAV (Université Saint Joseph). After the July 2006 war, he started devoting himself to photography and art, gradually broadening his practice to using video, installation and sound. Since then, he has been part of several collective exhibitions, artist workshops, residencies, and film screenings in Lebanon and abroad. He also performs and records his own alternative folk music under the singer-songwriter alias “Cristobal”.
Christophe is a recent Fulbright scholarship recipient and is pursuing a 2-year MFA in Photographic and Electronic Media at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore until 2015.




- Nafas Beirut (collective exhibition, Espace SD, Beirut, 2006)

- Be-Sides (collective photography exhibition, Beirut, Saida, Tripoli, Byblos 2007-2008)

- Land:escapism (Solo photography exhibition, Jeddah, 2008)

- More life than death could bear (collective art exhibition/poetry book launch, Art Lounge, Beirut, 2008)

- Live-Debris (collective exhibition, the Hangar at Umam, Beirut 2008)

- Ruin in the City (Sanayeh House - Beirut 2008)

- BXL09 (collective show, La Bellone - Brussels 2009)

- MidEast Cut International film and video festival (Denmark and Finland, 2009)

- Close Encounters (Video Art Festival, Damascus, Oct 2010)

- SanctionedArray (Video projections, New York City, Nov 2010)

- rePLACE Beirut (Open Studio, 98weeks space, Beirut, April 2011)

- ORTung: Modes of Address (Exhibition, Salzburg Kunstverein, July 2012)

- Beyond the Surface (Ashkal Alwan, Home Workspace – Beirut, May 2012)

- Lebanese Film Festival (Metropolis Cinema – Beirut, August 2012)

- Spectral Encounters forum and screenings (Dusseldorf, Germany, November 2012)

- Alien Body collective show, 1st edition Forum for new Arab art, Art Lab Berlin (Germany, December 2012)

- Visual Arts Festival Damascus @ DEPO (Istanbul, Turkey June-July 2013)

- The Empathy Project (MICA - Sheila and Richard Riggs gallery, March 2014)



Workshops / Residencies


- Documentary photography workshop with Gary Fabiano (Beirut 2007, Open Society and Moving Walls)

- Photography workshop with Frauke Eigen (Beirut 2007-2008, Goethe Institute)

- Sound and video installation workshop/residency Tripo 08 with a collective from Belgium (Tripoli 2008, ASBL Fragments)

- “Ruin in the city” workshop with Lara Almercegui and Cecilia Anderson (Beirut 2008, 98weeks association)

- “As long as I’m walking” workshop with Francis Alys and Cuauhtemoc Medina (Beirut 2008, 98weeks association)

- Sound and video installation residency BXL 09 with a collective from Belgium (Brussels 2009, ASBL Fragments)

- Ghostly Appearances, Gestures of Radio workshop led by German collective LIGNA (Beirut 2009, Beirut Art Center)

- Triangle Arts workshop in New York: selected artist (DUMBO Brooklyn, 2010)

- rePLACE Beirut workshop around subjective urban mapping (PROGRAM + Transit Lounge, Beirut, April 2011)

- ORTung international artist residency (Strobl, Austria – Summer 2011)

- “Beyond the Surface” photography workshop with Laurence Leblanc (Ashkal Alwan - Beirut, May 2012)


“My approach is mainly meditative, without distancing itself from documentary aspects of the world we are embedded in.  It is based on symbolic stillness where time slows down or stops by zeroing in on daily elements of the environment and human activity, in order to study their sometimes forgotten poetics and the richness of texture. Inspirational roots arise directly from reality, but drift away and transcend it through this elastic process.
I am drawn to the interactions/relations between man and environment, between what is nature/natural and what is urban/urbane, the narrative features of certain places, whether occupied or abandoned, and the intimacy that can develop from the painstaking immersion into a place and/or a person.
Similarly, I often focus on the threshold between interiors and exteriors, silence and sound, stillness and movement, presence and absence, and again, natural and artificial where such boundaries are transgressed and reproduced.”




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