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I paint to know my-self, therefore, the human spirit, as the timeless mirror of the human condition. My work is dedicated to the memory of my mother, who introduced me to the arts since my early childhood.

I found in abstraction the means to represent this theme through a personal language that I call “calligraphic privateness,” which is a concept I propose to advance a symbolic aesthetics as a universal language of the unconscious based on the notion of depicting what is private and unique about the theme through a calligraphic symbology. Privateness in that it seeks to deprive or remove every superfluous aspect from the work while searching for the substance of the unconscious in the source of my observations. Inspired by the aesthetics of calligraphies and symbols from diverse cultures and based on Carl Gustav Jung’s studies on symbology, I propose a personal aesthetic order that uses meaningful symbols embodied by lines, form, colors, texture of materials, direction and order of the elements. The work method is based on introspection and primary associations to reach out to the unconscious in search of the essence of the subject matter, in order to develop a symbology that results from collective representations emerging from conditions inherent to nature, thus having a universal meaning. Jung asserts that on its deepest layers the unconscious has a collective nature, so there is a collective aspect to the unconscious that he defines as a mystical participation, which constitutes the unity in plurality of the individual man in all men.  This is what I intend to depict in my work.     

Even when each element of my work is loaded with individual meaning, its symbology is not intended to have a textual and individual reading, as the meaning is found in the whole. My work is in itself one symbol, an icon that embodies the essence of the theme through the sum of its parts. It is and it should be understood as a unity in its expression.  Influenced by my studies on Byzantine iconography, each element in its contextual order is an essential part of my work, which combine together to form the part and the whole of its meaning. The unity of elements in my work stands for a metaphor on the unity of the human spirit.

Abstraction in symbology has an arcane aspect to it that provides an interesting focus conducive to meditation on the subject, while it leaves room for free interpretation and individual reflection. 

I have set it apart from the calligraphic painting of 1940 (modern art), in that my painting contains an order, which is not gestural, nor does it stem from an absolutely unconscious act, or a mere abstraction, for while I set out to capture its symbolic content, the expression is  found in the psychological meaning of the elements.

June, 2006.
Gerardo José Bravo García.



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Mexico Distrito Federal/Mexico


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