mike gappy
Location: London/United Kingdom

Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Design, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting


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Mike Gappy is a self taught British artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries of creativity using a host of mediums and unorthadox techniques to create stunning, often dark visually challenging works of art.

Mike has been creating works of art of many years and has exhibited his works throughout the UK and Paris.In 2014 Mike was asked to build a large garden installation in Berlin which was featured in a music video for the band IAMX.

The mainstay of his work focusses on contemporary sometimes abstract landscapes and images that tend to challenge the viewers perceptions of what art and artistic structure really means to each of us. 

His art has been comissioned by an eductional publishing house in South Africa for a series of poetry book covers. It is the third such commission.

To contact Mike Gappy about sales or commissions please email opium.art1st@yahoo.co.uk or via the Wooloo message portal



Suicidal Animals 201...

London/United Kingdom

Activism, Architecture, Conceptual, Design, Drawing, Install...

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Ursula Schmidt Krause
Feb. 16, 2011
...creative and genius as usual, keep on going strong my dearest Mike... ...love and light to you.... Ursula
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