mito elias
Location: Praia/Cape Verde

Mixed Media, Painting, Performance, Photography, Sound, Video


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Mito Elias is a multifaceted artist who seeks ‘poesis mutantis’ in light and sound. Born in the city of Praia, in Santiago in Cape Verde, he studied at Ar.Co in Lisbon between 1989 and 1992. He has been living and working in the diaspora since 1989. Has developed a very unique artistic language, which consists of the research of Creole orality and fables, a symbiotic style between watery, writing and media, which he has dubbed ‘Mare Calamus’. Over the past year the travelling project ‘Private Z(oo)M’, dedicated to the poetry of Arménio Vieira, has been in motion, a hybrid approach that combines elements of writing, video and sound reinforcement, and that inspired the epithet ‘videophonema’. He has been exhibiting regularly since 1983 and his drawings, paintings, written and videotaped work has travelled to many corners of the globe. He is represented in many collections around the world, with particular mention of the following, the World Bank (USA), BNU (Macau), Museu Afro Brazil – Sao Paulo (Brazil) and the Regional Government of Azores.


Si Stau [noção Pri...

Praia/Cape Verde



Private Z(oo)m – T...

Praia/Cape Verde

Mixed Media, Performance, Photography, Sound, Video

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