rebecca loyche
Location: Germany/United States

Activism, Conceptual, Intervention, Photography, Video


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 Rebecca Loyche is a conceptual artist working primarily in photography, video, sound and film.  Loyche’s work deals with the idea of history as reality and examines power dynamics.  Some of her recent projects explore the environment, objects, sights, and sounds that question taboos in society, media saturation and the afterlife of an event. Her current photography series Minds/Mines Don't Care is a collection of photograms that are cataloging portraits of land mines and explosives - IEDs (improvised explosive device.) This series was shown as billboards in Prague, during the Tina B. Contemporary Art Festival Fall 2008. Her video series All’s Fair in Love and War was exhibited at Exit Art’s Love, War and Sex show in 2008 and was chosen for Videonale 12 in Germany March 2009. Last Fall Loyche did a month long artist residency in Reykjavik, Iceland two weeks after the fall of the Icelandic economy. She joined the Women’s Emergency Government group and has recently completed a video piece about the protests against the Icelandic government. In Fall 2009 Loyche will begin studying with video artist Candice Breitz at Braunschweig University in Germany.  She holds an MFA in Combined Media from Hunter College, New York City, and a BFA in sculpture and video from Pratt Institute in New York.



Germany/United States



Mines/minds Don't Ca...

Germany/United States

Activism, Conceptual, Intervention, Photography



Germany/United States


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